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Learn more about the Abstract Reasoning Test
The Abstract Reasoning Test evaluates a person's complex and abstract thinking process through a series of logical reasoning sequences. The results indicate the degree to which theparticipant's performance compares to that of the general population that shares the same basic characteristics with the participant (gender, age, etc.).

Who is it for?

The Abstract Reasoning Test is aimed at anyone who wants to try their hand at solving problems that require logical thinking. In particular, however, it is a unique tool for students who wish to know if professions that require logical thinking are a good match for them and if they are able to logically manage difficult situations. At the same time, this test is also aimed at companies and organizations that seek to evaluate the ability of their prospective associates for abstract thinking. This will ensure that their future employees are able to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and can successfully solve everyday problems. Employers may also assess the abstract reasoning abilities of their current employees, as part of their overall evaluation or a promotion process.

Why take the Abstract Reasoning Test? 

A high degree of abstract reasoning abilities does not necessarily imply adequate numerical skills or an academic background in mathematical science, or even the ability to solve complex functions, equations and mathematical formulas, or a very high IQ.

On the contrary, the fact that an individual scores high on the abstract reasoning scale illustrates their ability to critically process text, meanings and words, as well as their ability to discern the underlying relationships between shapes and abstract concepts. Abstract thinking is, then, considered an innate talent or a skill of (non-systematic) cultivation. Thus, people with a high level of abstract reasoning skills have an increased ability to approach and process the above concepts and solve problems that require rational judgment, compared to people who do not have highly developed abstract reasoning capabilities.

This abstract reasoning test, will allow you to assess the level of your abstract thinking abilities in the most reliable way possible.

The Abstract Reasoning Test includes 2 sub-groups of questions. Each group consists of 78 questions, developed based on solid scientific foundations. No specialized knowledge is required to answer these questions.