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We are excited to introduce our new digital platform, is an innovative and easy-to-use digital environment that provides research, assessment and evaluation services.

Through, which is a collaborative creation of Humanfactor, Orientum & RDC Informatics, users have access to unique psychometric tools, and are able to conduct research and evaluate knowledge and professional skills.

Το was designed to provide students (undergraduate and postgraduate), companies, business and organization executives, with unique digital tests (e-assessments or e-surveys), yielding useful diagnostic reports related to the research/evaluated subject.

The digital tests are available either individually, in the form of "digital" products that can be purchased by anyone through the website's online store, or in bulk, through the specially designed services for companies and organizations.

Each available test falls into one of the following categories: professional orientation tests, learning style tests, ability tests, personality tests, professional motivation tests, psychometric tests, and surveys. All tests include questions based on strong scientific evidence, the answers to which do not require special knowledge.

Through the tests available on, the students can discover the professional route they wish to follow, the school and the postgraduate program that best matches their personality traits, find out what motivates them and, finally, maximize their chances of pursuing a profession that suits their preferences and needs and that will make them truly happy. On the other hand, the tests available on can assist the companies' human resources departments in the process of hiring or promoting staff.

The new platform is the product of a long-lasting collaboration between Humanfactor, Orientum & RDC Informatics, and each of these companies has provided significant know-how and many years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.