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English Diagnostics
Knowledge Assessment Test
Evaluate and validate your knowledge, or your staff’s knowledge of the English language. Take the English Diagnostics Grammar - Vocabulary Test and get immediate and reliable results.
Take the English Diagnostics Knowledge Assessment and:

Has it been a while since you earned your English Language Proficiency Diploma?

Find out your current level of English language proficiency in the easiest way possible

Reevaluate your knowledge of the English language and obtain renewed validation of your skills.

Strengthen your CV in the most economical way.

The test
is taken entirely online
Immediate &
reliable results

The English Diagnostics Knowledge Assessment evaluates your ability to properly understand and make use of the English language.

The test includes 100 multiple choice questions. The results will be immediately available following the completion of the test, which lasts 60 minutes. The results report will indicate the exact number of questions you answered correctly and the respective number of questions you answered incorrectly, as well as the success rate of your overall performance. Finally, it will determine your English level status, based on 9 available categories (A1. Elementary, A2.1 Pre-Intermediate, A2.2 Pre-Intermediate, B1.1 Intermediate, B1.2 Intermediate, B2. 1 Upper Intermediate, B2.2 Upper Intermediate, C1.1 Advanced, C1.2 Advanced).

25.00 €35.00 €
Knowledge Assessment
individuals, business executives, companies
100 questions
60 minutes

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