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Word Processing Diagnostics
Knowledge Assessment
Do you want to evaluate your knowledge or your staff's knowledge of word processing on a Computer? The Word Processing Diagnostics Test will help you determine your skill level on word processing, as well as identify your relevant strengths and weaknesses. This test is conducted in English.
Take the Word Processing Diagnostics Knowledge Assessment and:

Evaluate your skill level on word processing on a Computer/p>

Identify your relevant strengths and weaknesses

Reevaluate your knowledge on word processing and obtain renewed validation of your skills.

Strengthen your CV in the most economical way.

The test
is taken entirely online
Immediate &
reliable results

The Word Processing Diagnostics Knowledge Assessment is an innovative online word processing test that evaluates your ability to properly understand and make use of the tools provided by a word processing program. In particular, this test assesses the degree to which you are able to effectively use basic spreadsheet tools and word processing commands, related to files’ creation, editing, presentation and sharing.

The test consists of 60 multiple choice questions (in English), related to the functions of the word processing program, and lasts 60 minutes. The results report will be immediately available after completing and submitting the test, and will indicate your success rate in the individual fields of each section of the computer word processing program (application use, document creation, formatting, file import, mail merge, results preparation).

25.00 €35.00 €
Knowledge Assessment
individuals, business executives, companies
60 questions
45 minutes