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For individuals

Our new website,, is a unique digital tool that helps you discover your potential & professional interests, focus on your unique personality traits, and evaluate your abilities. You can choose the tests and surveys that interest you the most, purchase them directly through our e-shop and complete them right away.

Upon completion of any test you will immediately receive a detailed report (assessment report) with the results, based on your answers. Your personal account on will remain valid indefinitely and so will your access to the test results.

You may share your test results with any interested third parties, such as guidance counselors, academic evaluators/education consultants, or a new employer.

Available tests
Professional Orientation
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Professional Interests Test
Professional Interests Test
Professional Interests Test
Professional Interests Test
Learning Style
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Learning Style Test
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Ability Tests
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Verbal Reasoning Test
Verbal Reasoning Test
Numerical Reasoning Test
Numerical Reasoning Test
Abstract Reasoning Test
Abstract reasoning Test
Personality Test
Personality Test
Professional Personality Test
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Professional Values & Motivation Test
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Professional Values & Motivation Test
Worth your attention
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The questionnaires and tests administered through are all based on a strong academic foundation, as they have been constructed by Greek Psychometricians and have been standardized and weighted according to the Greek population parameters.

*These tests and questionnaires are not copies of international assessment instruments which are available translated in Greek.

System capabilities
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Ability to immediately purchase the test(s) directly through the e-shop of
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Ability to complete the test(s) immediately after purchase
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Complete the test(s) in a user-friendly & pleasant digital environment
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Immediate receipt of test results through specially formulated assessment reports
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Ability to access your test results indefinitely, through your personal account; you can refer back to those results whenever you need to
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Technical support available via e-mail or phone for anything you might need, provided by RDC Informatics’ Helpdesk
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Contact us and find out how the possibilities provided by can become the digital tools of your personal development and success.