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For businesses

Our new website,, is a unique collection of digital tools designed to assist the work of your company’s Human Resources Management departments.

This platform is ready to be used by dynamic and prospective employees, as well as external collaborators, offering full management autonomy to the executives of the HR Department of any company or organization, along with direct access to the ready-made questionnaires and surveys available from the system and the freedom to add and manage any new questionnaire, evaluation or research.

Get to know the unlimited possibilities of the new and how to utilise them efficiently to develop the Human Capital of your organization.

Ready to run Solutions
Psychometric tools
Personality Test
Professional Values & Motivation Test
Professional Personality Test
Ability Tests
Numerical Reasoning Test
Numerical Reasoning Test
Verbal Reasoning Test
Verbal Reasoning Test
Abstract Reasoning Test
Abstract Reasoning Test
Employee satisfaction survey
Employee Engagement Survey
Research 360 for development reasons
Research 360 for diagnosis of educational needs
Assessment of knowledge
English Diagnostics
Assessment of English language proficiency level
Word Processing Diagnostics
Assessment of knowledge level in word processing via PC
Spreadsheet Processing Diagnostics
Evaluation of knowledge level in spreadsheet processing
Worth your attention

The questionnaires and tests administered through are all based on a strong academic foundation, as they have been constructed by Greek Psychometricians and have been standardized and weighted according to the Greek population parameters.

*These tests and questionnaires are not copies of international assessment instruments which are available translated in Greek.

System capabilities
For end users
  • Ability to directly access the evaluation system through personalized passwords.
  • Ability to complete the tests immediately after acquisition.
  • User-friendly & pleasant digital environment.
  • Immediate receipt of test results through specially designed reports (assessment reports), if provided according to the procedure.
  • Unlimited access to test results through each user’s personal account.
For administrators
  • Supply of a specified amount of test licenses from for free use according to your needs, without commitments.
  • Management of executives and/or customers who take part in the tests/surveys.
  • Activation of tests/surveys based on set rules and ability to adjust a plethora of relevant conduct parameters.
  • Ability to create and distribute personalized and anonymous surveys.
  • Immediate access to test results and related detailed system reports.
  • Retention of a “History” file with direct access to all results.
  • Ability to export test results and surveys for further processing.
More Info

Contact us and find out how the possibilities provided by can become the digital tools of your personal development and success.